Coat of arms



At the beginning of 2004, the municipality of Uden introduced a new house style. This house style has a uniform image that makes the municipality and its identity more recognisable. The coat of arms changed too, but important elements were preserved. Originally the coat of arms consisted of: a red background with eight crossed golden sceptres and a silver heart-shaped shield. The present coat of arms is till based on this original piece, dating from the fifteenth century.


The coat of arms originates from the coat of arms of the dukes of Kleef, which has also been used for the land of Ravenstein since the fifteenth century.


In the charter of 16 July 1817, the College of Arms described the coat of arms as follows: ‘azure background bearing eight crossed golden fleur-de-lis-topped staves in front of an azure central shield bearing eleven golden bordered rods.


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