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Lippstadt and Uden have had a close relationship for over 30 years. There have been numerous exchanges between the two towns over the years, and warm friendships have developed.


Lippstadt is located in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany and was founded in 1185. It is located about 230 km directly east of Uden. It has a population of about 70.000 people, of whom 41.000 live in the centre of Lippstadt and the rest in the 16 surrounding parishes. Lippstadt was named after the Lippe, a pretty little river that flows right trough the town.


It has a large shopping centre with great shops. The many historical, beautifully renovated timber-framed houses give the town its unique atmosphere. The whitewashed Mariakirche in the Markt (market square), the Heimats Musuem, the Alte Rathaus, the Stifst-Ruine and the teahouse on the Lippe are certainly worth a visit. If you want to relax or have a bite to eat, there are many Bierstuben and restaurants in every price category.





weihnachtsmarkt-lippstadtLippstadt has a number of annual events that make the visit worthwhile. These include the Weihnachtsmarkt (from the end of November), the Altstadtfest (Ascension weekend) and the Herbstwoche with its big fair (3rd weekend in October).



Stichting Jumelage Lippstadt


Contacts between Lippstadt and Uden are coordinated by Stichting Jumelage Lippstadt-Uden (Lippstadt-Uden Twinning Foundation). To find out more about Lippstadt, or to get in touch with a similar association, you can contact the chairwoman of this foundation,
José Huismand-de Bie, telephone number 0413 - 265 626.



Travel contribution


The municipality stimulates contact between Lippstadt and Uden financially. Groups or associations can make use of this scheme. This concerns a contribution to the travel costs, amounting to € 7,00 per person for adults and € 14,00 for children up to 18 years of age, with a maximum of € 175,00 and € 350,00 respectively, per group. To make use of this scheme you can submit a written request to the Municipal Executive of the municipality of Uden, Postbus 83, 5400 AB Uden.



Want to find out more?


To find out more about Lippstadt, you can also contact the Städtische Verkehrsverein, Lange Strasse 14 in Lippstadt. This tourist information association has up-to-date information on recreation, events, exhibitions, etc. The telephone number is +49 – 2941 58 515. The fax number is +49 – 2941 79 717. Or check out their


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